Geçen aylarda düşlervekabuslar’a yazmıştım ama bir iki kişi dışında izleyen olmadı. Buraya da yazıyorum. Black Mirror 3 bölümlük mini bir dizi. Şu anda artık “hayatımıza girmiş” kategorisinden “hayatımıza tecavüz etmiş” kategorisine yükselen teknoloji ve ekranların ilerde ne hale gelebileceğine dair ışık tutan bir yapım. Birinci bölüm politik gerilim/aksiyon/kara komedi, ikinci bölüm bistopik sci-fi kara komedi ve son bölüm de eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ımsı bi dram. 60’ar dakikalık muazzam bölümler, tek oturuşta izleyip yalayıp yutacağınızdan eminim. Hangimiz “bir şey olsa da izlesem, şu ekranın başından kalkmasam” modunda değiliz artık her daim? (vaov mesajı da verdim)

For English Press Nothing, Keep Reading.

Charlie Brook’s Black Mirror is an astoundingly bright British mini-series (just 3 sixty-minute-epiosdes) that explores the darkest, funniest and probably the truest ideas about how laptops, tvs, phones, videos, social media and applications, which have already invaded our lives today, will not only continue invading but also simply become our very lives.

The first episode “National Anthem” is basicly about a good old kidnapping that becomes the entire nation’s entertainment on TV. I would hate to spoil but when I heard what the kidnapper wants from the Prime Minister, I was like “best blackmail ever!”

The second episode, “15 Million Merits” is just wonderful in a very terrifying way. Imagine today’s games, applications and websites like youtube, which slowly turn us into human beings without real reactions or feelings, and imagine them evolving into a system in which the civilization is completely virtual. Today our avatars, user profiles etc don’t  mean –hopefully-  more than we do, not yet, but in the darkest future, they become real and we unreal. In this dystopic episode, the end reveals whether the common man has the strength to fight against this design and the humor will just make you roll on the floor. I seriously believe we’re talking about a masterpiece here.

The last episode “The Entire History of You” reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Kateless Jim. Everything would be a lot easier if an implanted grain enabled us to visually go back to our recorded memories, check them every now and then, re-live or maybe erase them, or would it? What if most memories hurt, some just provoke paranoia and mistrust? Would you still want that super technology right behind your ear even if you knew it would only trigger doubts? This overdose of melancholy and paranoia with some almost tear-jerking moments might do no good for you if you’ve had a heartbreaking relationship experience. You be warned.

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